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8x the best children's activities in Aalsmeer

For flowers you go to Aalsmeer, of course! The whole world knows that. People from all over the world come to the flower capital to enjoy the flower activities in Aalsmeer. This history of flowers goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century and Aalsmeer is still the epicentre of flower cultivation.

8x children’s activities in the summer

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Hospitality, shops, the flower industry, recreation… Aalsmeer stands still, but we feel connected more than ever.

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Interview: Boerma Institute: from nursery garden in Limburg to flower arranging in Aalsmeer

The Boerma Instituut consists out of a family that has been in the flower business for over 120 years and today almost the entire floral community knows where to find the Boerma Institute, a centre offering vocational training, courses and workshops in the field of flower arranging. Jacqueline Boerma and her eldest son also travel all over the world promoting the Boerma Institute and their profession. They visit Japan two to three times a year, where no fewer than 86,000 students aim to become qualified flower arrangers. This international allure has its roots in our most southern province, Limburg.

Boerma Institute: from nursery garden in Limburg to flower arranging in Aalsmeer 

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